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This photo of a mural in South Park Slope, Brooklyn seems to summarize how I am feeling as I look ahead to the new year…

One week ago today was a sad & happy last day for me at the International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) after 8 years of deeply rewarding part-time work.

I chose to leave to have more time for photography, but I will miss my colleagues whose friendship and dedication to this essential human rights and social justice work has been inspiring and motivating.  I hope to take what they’ve shared with me into my future photo work.

For those of you who have been so amazingly patient waiting for your photos and prints and dvds, particularly these past 6 months while I juggled an impossible schedule, they are on the way!  My deepest gratitude to you all…

A resolution of sorts, this photo represents the colorful hope and possibility I am aiming for to use photography as a tool to aid the mission of organizations like ESCR-Net in working towards human rights and social justice around the world, a reminder to slow down and take my time after years of juggling many jobs that I loved, and the knowledge that there are many bumps ahead…

So… I am a full time freelancer, y’all!   Holler if you need a photographer!


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