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Someone I love working with at the Friends of the High Line asked me the other day if I ever printed any of my photos.  I thought about it, and while haven’t had any personal work printed since the Chasing Sanitation exhibition in 2011, materials from organizations like the Friends of the High Line is one of the ways I do get to see some work in print, as well as magazine work – - -

Below are some photos of photos in print:

~ Some High Line Publications

~ BRIC Arts Media Fall Guide – a few photos from a behind the scenes photo shoot of a Brooklyn Independent Television piece on their Emmy Nominees – you can learn more here and see some portraits of the nominees I shot: http://blog.bricartsmedia.org/bit-special-and-the-nominees-are/

~ A photo in the September 2013 issue of Details Magazine

High Line in print III

High Line Art & portraits

DVF Fashion & Summer Fun on the High Line

Teen Fashion Show BRIC behind the scenes TV


Details Page 172 September 2013











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