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Protests in NYC Against Grand Jury Decision in the Death of Eric Garner

On the afternoon of December 3, 2014, I sat waiting in the Blue Room of City Hall, waiting to photograph a number of bill signings by Mayor Bill DeBlasio for the organization Make the Road New York.  Someone from the administration soon informed us that the bill signings would be cancelled, and some of us began to the wonder if something had happened in the grand-jury decision for the police officer in the death of Eric Garner.  Soon reports from the media announced that Mayor DeBlasio was heading to Staten Island to speak about the decision.

Fast forward a few hours, after a number of news sources were describing the protests around the city, I headed to Union Square around 6:30 p.m. Things seemed pretty quiet aside from holiday market shoppers, but then I spotted someone in a “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt, and a few others approached him at the same time to ask where groups were gathering – “Everyone is heading to the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center,” we were told.

I popped back down into the subway and was swept into a crowd of protestors heading to the tree, which I quickly snapped with a cell phone:

no justice no tree


I exited the subway with the same group of protestors, heading for Rockefeller Center, and soon small groups of marchers had turned into hundreds – some reports say 1000s.  The following photos were taken from 7:00 pm until about 9:00 p.m. all throughout midtown Manhattan.

Chants heard throughout the streets:
“Hands up, Don’t Shoot”
“Eric Garner, Michael Brown – Shut it Down, Shut it Down”
“Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter”
“Whose Streets? Our Streets”

from the subway to the streets

marchers converge and combine

Marching by Batman and Toy Story in Radio City

marchers no justice no tree

past the nutcrackers

Ferguson is everywhere

by the buses

bus march detail

through the cabs

past the bike deliverer

supporter stuck in traffic

march past park

into Times Square

times square marchers I

times square marchers

times square marchers II

justice respect peace

Ticker Time Squarecops Times Square

i cant breathe

Hands Up TKTS under NYPD

christmas spectacular

puddle march

9th Ave

sea of yellow

Afraid of those who protect


And finally, as protestors made their way to the West Side Highway to shut it down, police grabbed one marcher and began to handcuff him on the back of a car.  As a camera person went to get footage, the police pushed him down on the car, as well.

The End for this night of protests.

Shut it down.


arrests II