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A new Public Art Fund exhibition -
Danh Vo’s replicas of the Statue of Liberty

Artist Danh Vo’s new exhibition We The People is on view now from the Public Art Fund at the Brooklyn Bridge Park and City Hall Park.  Vo has recreated full scale replicas of the Statue of Liberty in individual segments that are not intended to be pieced together and are on view throughout the two parks.  Read more about the exhibition: https://www.publicartfund.org/view/exhibitions/6042_danh_vo_we_the_people

The opening last week was in the perfect location on a hill on Pier 3 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, with the central piece being a fragment of Lady Liberty’s sleeve overlooking the Manhattan skyline and many sites including the Statue of Liberty herself in whole. And it took place on a perfect evening after morning showers and some brief sun had evolved into a dreamy fog settling over Manhattan.

Since I can’t bombard Instagram with more than a photo or 2, I’ve included some of my favorite cell phone highlights from the evening ~ featuring the sleeve with bridges and boats and more…



sleeve with pier & Manhattan skyline views:



sleeve with the Statue of Liberty:

sleeve with statue


sleeve with the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges:

sleeve with bridges


detail of sleeve with the Brooklyn Bridge:

sleeve with Brooklyn Bridge


sleeve with sailboat:

sleeve with sailboat


disappearing Manhattan skyline in the fog: