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Portraits of the city ~ New York

Instagram = fleeting photos;

I have fallen hard for Instagram ~ in a photographer’s world of large photo files and overshooting and working with tons of photos every day, it’s allowed me a place to quickly document the small moments in a day that give me pause. And in New York, those moments happen all the time.

But not many people these days have the patience to go through a person’s entire feed of photos – you discover someone on Instagram and you probably scroll through a few pages of their most recent photos. Someone’s beautiful photo taken a year ago stays hidden to most. So there is a sense of impermanence.  And one thing that often gets lost in the speed of the mobile photography — letting a photo stay with you, re-visiting that photo that moved you to understand why you clicked ♡like, or to take a photo of that moment.

The city, too, is full of fleeting moments – fast paced with movements and a rhythm that creates a symphony all around us.

Here, a page of some city moments to keep re-visiting.


Dear Young & Fearless

brooklyn bridge view from manhattanbrooklyn heightslower manhattan lightConey IslandPanama Parade

empire state reflections

chinese new yearrush hour - times squarecrying out - times squarebrooklyn love.

staten island ferry terminal battery park fountain

train Soho crossing


across the train car look down, look up
central park zoo under the bridge


prospect park leaves falling prospect park snow

rainy manhattan movie night

prospect park sled

checkered light contrast, manhattan lower manhattan, golden hour
Same Day Quality Service

photo (23) belt parkway no filter, lower manhattan

Happy Subway South Street Seaport

Coney Island Kid Park subway platform shadows

halloween NYC winter afternoon

statue in shadow look up in blueMadison Square Park, lunchtime Manhattan from Jerseyconnected - keep on the sunny side

photo (30) work day
lower manhattan light

early morning work and bird flying





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